By Zaria Knight

Hiroshi: A Single Dads of Gaynor Beach Romance by USA Today Bestselling Author Zaria Knight

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World-renowned architecture professor Hiroshi Furukawa has never been one to back down from a challenge.

But for the first time, he’s facing a problem he can’t solve—being forced into early retirement after being diagnosed with heart failure. Only in his early fifties and a workaholic for thirty years, Hiroshi can’t accept having to change his lifestyle. But he knows he has to keep his promise to his late wife and stay healthy and happy for their only daughter, Sara. 

Gaynor Beach wasn’t his ideal place to settle down, but Hiroshi knows that if he’s going to support his daughter and his twin grandsons, they’ll have to move into his old family home. Yet, there’s something missing in their new lives, and Hiroshi finds it when he runs into a former student, Jayden.

Now pursuing a career as a firefighter, Jayden seems like the perfect match for his wayward daughter—young, handsome, financially stable, family-oriented, and, most importantly, single. Hiroshi’s determined to play matchmaker to ensure his family will have a secure future. 

But there are two big issues with his plan: Jayden is gay, and he’s in love with his former professor. 

Can Jayden convince Hiroshi that he’s the perfect man for him and not his daughter? Or is Hiroshi too stuck in his ways?  

Hiroshi is a gay single dad contemporary romance set in the shared world of Gaynor Beach, featuring an age-gap, interracial, forbidden love story with an older bottom ready for a fresh start, a younger top eager to guide him, bickering pets, and two adorable grandkids.