Amelia Hayden

Amelia Hayden is a sassy, crazy, romance fanatic that loves love in all its forms. 

When she’s not writing about romance, she’s binge watching Schitt’s Creek for the hundredth time. Dan Levy is her idol, spirit animal, possible obsession, because she adores anyone who can pull off sarcastically witty lines like others may say “Hi.” 

If you love that too, along with steamy, sexy, kinky fun times mixed in with a dash (aka massive handfuls) of romance then you’ll fall in love with Amelia Hayden. 

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Other Books by Amelia Hayden

Siren’s Song (Once Upon a Story Anthology)

When Cosmos met Old Fashioned (Shaken and Most Definitely Stirred)

Their Place


Coming Releases

Tattoo my Heart (Perfectly Pink Anthology)

Colorful Swan

The Baker and His Curvy Customer